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Super Bowl 2012 Online Stream: Providing Live Coverage

The 2012 Super Bowl is finally here and all that's left to do for the New York Giants and New England Patriots is to play the final 60 minutes of the season. While the game has always been available on TV for your viewing pleasure, NBC is doing something revolutionary this time around. Fans from around the country will be able to watch Super Bowl XLVI courtesy of an online stream, legally and free of charge.

Here is where you can go to check out all the action online, including archived commercials once they've aired and exclusive camera angles for those of you viewing through your Internet browser.

What might be the most significant aspect of the legal online stream has to do with the recent SOPA cases in Washington D.C., which would limit what could be downloaded and streamed by everyday users like you and I. With the help of NBC, the NFL does not have to worry about cracking down on illegal streams and video presentations of the game. Instead, they can focus on providing the absolute best broadcast possible, which is what truly matters.

Kickoff of the 2012 Super Bowl will come at 6:29 p.m. ET.

For more on the game and the teams playing, head on over to Big Blue View (Giants) and Pats Pulpit (Patriots).

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.