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NFL Mock Draft: Browns Projected To Take Ryan Tannehill With Robert Griffin III Out Of The Picture

Robert Griffin III is not going to be the future of the Cleveland Browns. After weeks after weeks of speculation, the Washington Redskins ended up trading seemingly every draft pick of theirs for the next 32 years to the St. Louis Rams for the second overall selection and the rights to RGIII.

The question at this point is if the Browns will panic or not with their fourth overall selection. They still need a quarterback if they don't think Colt McCoy can be the future of their franchise, and Peyton Manning isn't really an option for Cleveland with Denver and Arizona quickly becoming the favorites to get his services. This is really only a two QB draft though, with Andrew Luck and RGIII the big names.

The new SB Nation 2012 NFL Mock Draft is out, and they have the Browns taking the third best QB in the draft, and a QB that is considered a low third choice by a lot of people, Texas A&M's Ryan Tannehill.

Leave it to the Cleveland Browns to find a way to lose in March. After letting Washington woo second pick away from the Rams, the Browns should be a little panicked. Tannehill has the makings of a fine NFL quarterback. A poor substitute for what might have been, but it is a least a step forward. Can he buy the leadership there another year?

This could be construed as a bit of a panic move by the Browns by a lot of draftniks, but if they think he's worth a high first round draft pick, it'd be hard to argue with them. Perhaps he might still be there with their 22nd overall pick as well?

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Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.