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2012 NFL Draft: Browns To Work Out Quarterback Ryan Tannehill

The speculation about three quarterbacks going in the top five of the 2012 NFL Draft is alive and well, helped along by the fact that the Washington Redskins moved into the top two and the fact that the Cleveland Browns hold the No. 4 overall pick. Many considered the prospect of the third quarterback going in the top five to be a long shot, but when the Browns didn't go after a quarterback in free agency, it became a real possibility for most.

Naturally, the fire needs some fuel, as Mary Kay Cabot of The Plain Dealer reports that the Browns are set to work out Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill as one of their 30 pre-draft visits. Tannehill is the consensus No. 3 quarterback behind Andrew Luck of Stanford and Robert Griffin III of Baylor, who are likely to go to the Indianapolis Colts and the aforementioned Redskins, respectively.

Could the Browns feasibly use their No. 4 pick on Tannehill? Of course it's a possibility, just like it is a possibility that they trade down a few spots and pick him a bit later, though they've said they won't trade lower than the No. 8 pick. It's still a bit of a longshot to think that Tannehill could go in the top eight, given the small amount of hype surrounding him.

That being said, the Browns have to do their due diligence, and this isn't some big sign that they're going to draft him. In the same way that the Colts working out Luck doesn't mean that a bad workout will lead to them going a different direction, a good workout for Tannehill doesn't mean he becomes a must-draft for them. To their credit, they've said in the past that they're happy with Colt McCoy at the helm.

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