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2012 NFL Draft: Eagles Reportedly Have Interest In Trading Up To Browns 4th Overall Pick, But Chances Are 'Slim To None'

There have been some trade rumors swirling around in recent days involving the Cleveland Browns trading their fourth overall pick. Originally the Browns had been the favorite to actually trade up before the Redskins stole away their chances by offering a king's ransom for the Rams second overall selection.

The Rams are actually one of the teams that have supposedly contacted the Browns, likely to trade their new sixth overall pick for the fourth. The more intriguing situation is the Philadelphia Eagles, who according to the Cleveland Dealer have had a source confirm that the Eagles have indeed contacted Cleveland. The Eagles currently hold the 15th overall pick in the first round, which would give the Browns two mid-round selections if it came through; the Browns also hold the 22nd pick.

The 700 Level contacted a team source as well through CSN's Reuben Franks and they said that it was 'just another draft rumor' as well as saying there was little chance or 'slim to none' that it would happen -- which isn't quite the same thing as outright saying no, you might notice.

A possible trade may depend on what the Minnesota Vikings do, since Matt Kalil would be a good haul for the Eagles and if the Vikings trade down instead, Kalil may be on the board when Cleveland is up. They may also be after Ryan Tannehill to act as backup QB to Mike Vick or another top prospect, though nothing solid has come out.

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