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2012 NFL Draft: A Lot Is Riding On The Browns' Pick At No. 4

While there is little suspense surrounding the top few picks of the NFL Draft, the rest of the first round is pretty fluid. And the fate of many a pick will depend on what the Cleveland Browns do at No. 4.

Or so says SB Nation's Ryan Van Bibber, who hashed out the myriad twists and turns transpire depending on who the Browns draft fourth -- or if they draft fourth.

From Van Bibber's article:

Now, the entire first round of the draft hinges on what the Browns do with the fourth pick. Why Cleveland? The first two picks are sewn up with Andrew Luck and Griffin. Cleveland, in need of a quarterback, missed out on the RG3 trade, and may or may not be considering Tannehill, the Texas A&M product, as an answer. Minnesota, picking third, drafted a quarterback last season. They could be players in shaping the draft, but the other teams in need of a quarterback will be eyeing Cleveland's fourth pick, especially with Cleveland also making noise about trading down.

Van Bibber goes on to look at the top candidates at No. 4: Tannehill, receiver Justin Blackmon, running back Trent Richardson and corner Morris Claiborne, who the Browns could make the highest-drafted corner since Charles Woodson went fourth overall in 1998.

Van Bibber, in the end, thinks the Browns will trade the pick.

For more on the Cleveland Browns, go to Dawgs By Nature. You can also get all of your professional football news over at SB Nation's NFL hub, or check out SB Nation's YouTube channel:

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