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2012 NFL Mock Draft: SB Nation Sticking With Ryan Tannehill To The Browns

Over the past couple weeks, the mock drafts have started to even out a little in regards to the Cleveland Browns: most are of the opinion that they will draft some sort of skill player - wide receiver or running back at this point. There were earlier murmurs of the Browns taking a quarterback at No. 4, but given the fact that it's all but guaranteed that Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III will already be gone, they'd be getting the third best player at the position four picks into the draft.

That doesn't stop the SB Nation mothership from mocking Ryan Tannehill to the Browns in their latest mock draft, just three days out from the real deal:

Call me cynical, but at the very least Mike Holmgren and Pat Shurmur could buy themselves another year in Cleveland if they draft a quarterback. At least they can say they're trying. No need to rush Tannehill, let Colt McCoy and Seneca Wallace work another year.

What makes the particular explanation interesting is the bit about Tannehill sitting for a year. Most assume that if the Browns drafted Tannehill, they'd still roll with McCoy at quarterback, as the Browns have said they'd be fine with him. That would give Tannehill a year to learn the ropes of the NFL and potentially take over in 2013. Is that the smartest choice? Nobody knows for certain, but it is a somewhat different perspective.

Below, check out the SB Nation scouting video on Tannehill:

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Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.