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2012 NFL Draft Grades: Browns First Round Picks Receive Mixed Reviews

It's clear that Tom Heckert and Pat Shurmur drafted the two guys they wanted when Thursday's first round started, addressing the offensive skill positions and adding Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden. But some vehemently disagree with Heckert's assessment, particularly with what they gave up in the trade with the Vikings to move up to No. 3 as well as the selection of Weeden in the first round.

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Pete Prisco of is just one draft analyst that didn't exactly give the Browns passing grades for their two first round selections. Prisco thought the Browns gave away way too much, for a running back, who's elite, but not worth the value given his position. Prisco gave the pick a "C", writing:

Why, Browns? Yes, he's a good player, but backs don't decide Super Bowls anymore. And you gave up picks?

But he was even more harsh on the Weeden selection, handing out a big fat "F" for the No. 22 pick. Prisco thinks he's hardly an upgrade over current starter Colt McCoy, who the Browns may send packing in the near future. On Weeden, he writes:

I don't like this pick at all. Is he really that much better than McCoy? Plus, he's 28. Weird. Are the Browns better?

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