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2012 NFL Draft: Browns Keeping Their Options Open

Keeping your options open might be an understatement when talking about a team that has 13 selections in the up-coming NFL Draft, including two in the first round, but that is exactly what the Cleveland Browns are doing.

When day one of the draft comes to pass, the Browns likely will have at least one new offensive weapon, but the smart money right now has them adding a couple. There is a chance Cleveland could go for LSU’s star cornerback Morris Claiborne with the fourth overall pick, but right now the favorite appears to be Alabama’s Heisman candidate, running back Trent Richardson.

The Browns are also hosting a visit with USC offensive tackle Matt Kalil, and have a private workout in the works with Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill, one of the hottest players out there right now.

What the Browns do with the fourth pick is a mystery, and that makes their second first round pick nearly impossible to guess. They could go a number of different directions, but there’s a very good chance they will wind up with a tailback in the first round. They have had visits lined up with Virginia Tech’s David Wilson and Boise State’s Doug Martin, both of whom are potential first round talents and potential featured backs.

As of right now, I think the absolute best case scenario for the Browns is to take the best possible player at both picks. In that case, right now I believe their picks should be Richardson and Baylor’s Kendall Wright, if he is available. Both would fit this team perfectly, and adding Richardson could be like adding a face to this franchise.

With the rest of the picks, the Browns can continue to upgrade the offensive side of the ball and add some more pass rush as well as depth at linebacker. The Browns have a ton of different options available to them, and right now, they are exploring all avenues.

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.