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Mike Holmgren's Plan Is To Keep 3 Quarterbacks, But Things Can Change

Cleveland Browns team president Mike Holmgren spoke to the media on Thursday during a rare press conference, and he specifically talked about the quarterback situation. Holmgren discussed a variety of issues for nearly an hour, but the quarterbacks were a constant topic.

Currently the Browns have Seneca Wallace, Colt McCoy and Brandon Weeden "battling" it out at the quarterback position.

There was speculation that the Browns might deal either Wallace or McCoy, but Holmgren said that the current plan is to keep all three quarterbacks, but added "plans change." Holmgren said that he likes McCoy but realized last season was tough.

Holmgren also went on to talk about rookie Weeden, and he is high on the rookie and feels that he has the talent to come in and start right away:

"His skill level is excellent,'' Holmgren said. "He passes the ball easily. He's as prepared to come in and start as any rookie I've seen in a long time.''

There is still time left before the Browns need to make a decision on if they are going to go into the season with three quarterbacks on the roster.

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