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Cleveland Browns, Brandon Weeden Deal Stalled Over Guaranteed Fourth Year

The Cleveland Browns have yet to sign quarterback Brandon Weeden. At issue, according to a report from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, is the matter of a guaranteed fourth year on his rookie contract.

The league's new rookie salary system created slotting amounts for rookies, eliminating much of the negotiation that used to hold up contract talks well into the summer months. Most picks in the top of the first round receive all four years guaranteed, but the last year of the deal is often not guaranteed for players drafted later in the first round. Weeden was picked at No. 22.

Last year's first-round pick, defensive tackle Phil Taylor, missed the early days of training camp over the same issue. The Browns and Taylor ultimately found a middle ground.

Weeden expressed confidence that a deal would happen, but did say:

"We're working. It takes two sides, though.''

At 28, Weeden's playing days and ability to demand a rich contract in the prime of his career are different that other rookies who typically come into the league at 22-years-old.

Cleveland's first pick in the draft, running back Trent Richards has yet to sign a contract as well. According to the same report, the holdup over his deal is "offset language" which has to do with how much money the team would be on the hook for if he signs elsewhere in his fourth season.

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