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Browns' Brad Childress Has Confidence That Brandon Weeden Is Ready

Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Brad Childress believes that rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden is ready to be an NFL starter, despite Weeden's rough debut in Week 1 against the Philadelphia Eagles.

In his Thursday afternoon press conference, Childress addressed several questions about Weeden, who was 12-of-35 for 118 yards and four interceptions in the Browns' 17-16 loss to the Eagles. When asked if Weeden is just not ready now, he responded with this:

"I don't feel that way. I don't think he cowered in the face of it. I thought he had a good demeanor during the course of the game."

He went on to speak in detail about each of the interceptions that Weeden threw, then answered a question about Weeden's inability to hang on to the football after a couple of hits that he took during the game.

"All it takes, literally, is a finger on that ball. It comes out, and those long arm pass rushers are able to reach around tackles and touch it sometimes."

Childress was also asked if the Browns are working on mechanics with Weeden, who overthrew a few passes in his debut. Again, the offensive coordinator didn't push much blame onto the first-year signal caller.

"No, I think he got the pocket pushed in on him on the last one. That ball was high and kind of sailed on him."

While it would obviously be flawed to judge Weeden after one game against a tough defense, one has to wonder how much confidence the Browns really have in the 28-year-old rookie out of Oklahoma State. How he performs against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 2 will certainly tell a lot about that.

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