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Brandon Weeden Working On Chemistry With Greg Little

The Cleveland Browns didn't get off to a great start in the first game of the Brandon Weeden era, but the rookie quarterback says things should improve this week as he continues to work on the chemistry between himself and his receivers.

Weeden talked to the News-Herald this week about quite a few things, but his chemistry with Greg Little was one of the more interesting topics of the conversation:

Greg and I talk through a lot of stuff," Weeden said in the locker room after practice Wednesday. "It's hard physically for him to run routes over and over and over. You've got to talk about doing it. We're getting there. I can't say we're 100 percent as far as comfort level on everything we do, but I think we're getting better. I think you look at the first week against Detroit (in preseason), we had a mishap and we got better moving forward the next couple weeks. It's just spending extra time with each other and talking through things. We're not where we need to be yet. Fortunately, we have a minimum of 15, 16 games left. We have a lot of football left to fix those mistakes.

Little, expected to be one of Weeden's top options this season, was unable to catch any of the four balls his quarterback threw toward him in the opening week. It sounds like that might change this weekend against the Bengals, however, as the chemistry issues continue to get ironed out.

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