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Heat Players Already Turning On Head Coach Erik Spoelstra

There's trouble brewing in South Beach.  Mired in inconsistency, the Miami Heat are reportedly starting to question the ability Head Coach Erik Spoelstra to lead them to the promised land.  ESPN's Chris Broussard reported the story on SportsCenter this morning:

Perhaps the Heat are finding out what us in Cleveland found out the hard way - LeBron James has NO IDEA how to lead a team of talented players.  Think about it.  Last year in Cleveland, the Cavaliers surrounded LeBron with his best set of teammates since he came into the NBA.  Sure, there were characters in the locker room, but nothing LeBron couldn't handle as team leader.  


LeBron couldn't handle the personalities in the locker room.  Guys like Shaq, Delonte West, even Antawn Jamison.  LeBron failed to be the leader of men in that locker room.  Fans, being fans, believed it was a problem with Mike Brown.  We were wrong.

Now LeBron heads to Miami, but this time with friends.  All will be better, right?


Again, LeBron is having a hard time being the leader.  He tried to be mean and angry LeBron, but that didn't work.  Now he wants to be fun-loving LeBron again, but that isn't going to fly in Miami either.  Spoelstra is a Pat Riley-clone.  He is intense - at practice, on the team plane - during games.  It was a bad fit from the start and now LeBron is screwed.

All this coming as the Heat prepare to head to Cleveland on Thursday night.  Fun times, indeed!

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.