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Suggestion - Don't Eat A Big Breakfast Before A Byron Scott Practice

Byron Scott ran the Cavaliers through their first training camp workout, and let’s just say it left some of the players a bit lighter in the weight department.

“I saw a couple guys throw up, I’m not going to point them out, but it is good for us,” Jawad Williams said. “It wasn’t nothing fun, my feet are on fire.”

What caused some players to lose their lunch?’s Brian Windhorst explains:

The players run three series of shuttle sprints (foul line, half court, opposite foul line, full court) in a row in groups and everyone must complete them within two minutes. Scott and his assistants watch closely to make sure the players touch each line. Cheating means they have to start over.

Then they run three more.

I just go a bit queasy thinking about it. The idea is simple. There will be teams that are more talented than the Cavaliers, but none will be in more shape. Sounds easy enough, but Daniel Gibson admits it is tough.

“Whoa, it was very tough. But I know it is going to bring us closer together, it’s got to,” Gibson said. “Everybody made it through and we pushed each other the whole way. We’re going to start to love him for it, but right now it’s tough on us.”

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.