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NBA Trade Rumors: Could the Cavs do nothing during the trade deadline?

It’s no secret the Cavs are sellers. But when they’ll be selling is another story. And as reported by Scott over at WFNY, that time might not be now.

While it is understandable that fans of the Wine and Gold will not be very happy if their 10-win team makes nary a deal leading up to 3pm on Thursday (despite having three expiring contracts), the chance of this happening is becoming more of a reality with each passing hour.

From one perspective, I can understand it. There’s no rush to use he TPE or trade guys like Mo Williams, Anderson Varejao or Antawn Jamison. The CBA is causing a lot of hesitancy around the league anyway. The summer can be used to reevaluate and feel out interest in these players. Jamison’s expiring contract will be very valuable, Mo can help a contending team with a hole at PG/SG and in need of a sixth man. Varejao will draw a ton of looks after his rehab. And Sessions is still a nice chip. Those deals can wait.

But what I don’t understand is why the Cavs would hold onto their players with expiring deals who are no part of the future. Take Anthony Parker, for example. Yes, the Bulls and Celtics might not outbid each other, yielding the Cavs some magical combination of a 2nd rounder and James Johnson, but if they can pick up even a second round pick, what is the point in keeping him around?

It’s like Travis Hafner with the Indians—all Parker is doing is blocking younger players from seeing minutes. Parker is old, he’s not going to be with the team next year, and he shouldn’t be seeing minutes on a 10-win team anyway. So if you can flip him for something, do it. This team needs every pick and every young player they can get in the hopes of rebuilding, and if guys like Parker, Powe or Moon can turn into anything at all, even a a box of crayons and a set of windshield wipers, a deal should be made.

Maybe they’re pretending to be content right now to drive interest up, but if the Cleveland Cavaliers end up seeing the deadline pass with the roster staying the same as it is today, they would be making a big mistake.

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.