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Cleveland Cavaliers Ratings Still Top-10 In NBA

We all know the Cleveland Cavaliers are struggling without LeBron James.  We also know it goes a lot deeper than just LeBron - injuries to Anderson Varejao and Mo Williams have affected the win/loss column this season as well.  While fewer people are watching the Cavaliers on FS Ohio, the Cavaliers are still drawing viewers when compared to other teams in the NBA.


They have the breakdown over at Sports Business Daily, and while the Cavaliers 53% decrease in viewership is easily the biggest drop in the NBA, the Cavaliers are still drawing a 4.07 - good for seventh-best in the NBA this year.  The Cavaliers' average viewership - 62,000 households per game - is good for 8th in the NBA, not bad for a team with the League's worst record - not to mention a record-breaking losing streak.


The Cavaliers will be wise, however, to try and get things turned around as soon as possible.  Fans are still looking for a reason to support this team, but we've seen how fickle Cleveland fans can be if they feel a honest attempt at winning is not being made.


Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.