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Cavs roster news: Justin Holliday, Kevin Anderson waived

Justin Holliday and Kevin Anderson were waived by the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday.

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Cleveland Cavaliers made two roster moves on Wednesday, waiving Justin Holliday and Kevin Anderson.

Conrad Kaczmarek over at Fear the Sword, SB Nation's Cleveland Cavaliers blog, offers some analysis on why waiving Holliday and Anderson makes sense for the team.

It's a bit curious that they would waive these guys so soon, but it makes sense on two levels. First, it's just not natural to have this many players on a team. It's really difficult to get everybody adequate playing time and pay specific attention to each player when there are 20 guys. In addition to that, it's just being fair to the players. If Chris Grant and Byron Scott have already made the decision that neither Holiday nor Anderson will be making the final team, it's fair to let them go and pursue other options without wasting their time.

Both Holliday and Anderson appeared in one preseason game for the Cavs, and they both scored three points.

Cleveland's preseason will continue on Friday, when the Cavs head to Chicago to take on the Bulls.

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