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Dwight Howard Trade Rumors: Swirling Rumors Involving Cavaliers, Lakers Cool Off

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There's been a bunch of trade rumors in the NBA in the past week or two involving the Cleveland Cavaliers, mostly involving them as a third or fourth team in a massive trade for star center Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic. At first it was to get Howard to the Brooklyn Nets, but after growing to the point where the trade was supposedly between four teams for 14 different players, that rumor cooled down.

Over the weekend another rumor started to pick up steam, this time putting Howard in Los Angeles with the Lakers. Again the Cavaliers were part of the trade, with Andrew Bynum being shipped to Cleveland as the centerpiece of the trade past Howard. What was reportedly holding up the trade was Cleveland's insistence on finding out if Bynum would sign an extension with the team if the trade were to go through.

Turns out that latest trade scenario might have all been smoke and mirrors all along.

Jason Lloyd of the Akron-Beacon Journal took to Twitter on Sunday night to try and clear the air about the most recent trade talk, saying that there was absolutely nothing to the rumors.

In fact, Lloyd also posted that some people are saying the Magic are the ones starting the rumors in order to get Houston to bite on a deal for Howard. Sneaky, but expected since they are still trying to unload Howard and get something worthwhile for their star. As long as Howard is still in Orlando and the Magic still are trying to get rid of him, it's doubtful that anything is going to change on the 'crazy rumors' front.

Time will tell if the Cavaliers continue to get shoved in as a member of the rumor mill.

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