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MLB Standings Update: The Pressure Is Getting To Some Teams

The Indians still lead the AL Central, but that lead has shrunk to a mere one game over the Detroit Tigers, and those Tigers have caught Cleveland in victories with 34 wins.

The Tribe isn't the only team that has been slumping. For example, the New York Yankees -- the Indians' next opponent -- have just been swept (for the second time this season) by the Red Sox at home.

Here is your look at the standings in the Major Leagues, with emphasis on the American League:

American League Central -

  • Cleveland Indians  34-26  .567  0 Games Behind  --  Up Next: @ Yankees June 10-12
  • Detroit Tigers  34-28  .548  1 Game Behind  --  Up Next: vs. Seattle June 10-12
  • Chicago White Sox  31-34  .477  5.5 Games Behind  --  Up Next: vs. Oakland June 10-12
  • Kansas City Royals  27-36  .429  8.5 Games Behind  --  Up Next: @ Angels June 10-12
  • Minnesota Twins  24-38  .387  11 Games Behind  --  Up Next: vs. Texas June 10-12

American League East -

  • Boston Red Sox  36-26  .581  0 Games Behind  --  Up Next: @ Toronto June 10-12
  • New York Yankees  33-27  .550  2 Games Behind  --  Up Next: vs. Cleveland June 10-12
  • Tampa Bay Rays  33-29  .532  3 Games Behind  --  Up Next: @ Baltimore June 10-12
  • Toronto Blue Jays  32-31  .508  4.5 Games Behind  --  Up Next: vs. Boston June 10-12
  • Baltimore Orioles  29-31  .483  6 Games Behind  --  Up Next: vs. Tampa Bay June 10-12

American League West -

  • Texas Rangers  35-29  .547  0 Games Behind  --  Up Next: @ Minnesota June 10-12
  • Seattle Mariners  32-31  .508  2.5 Games Behind  --  Up Next: @ Detroit June 10-12
  • Los Angeles Angels  30-34  .469  5 Games Behind  --  Up Next: vs. Kansas City June 10-12
  • Oakland Athletics  27-37  .422  8 Games Behind  --  Up Next: @ White Sox June 10-12

The National League has three fairly tight races, with the division-leader with the biggest lead being the St.Louis Cardinals leading the National League Central by 2.5 games over the Milwaukee Brewers. The Cincinnati Reds are next, 5 games back, followed by the Pittsburgh Pirates, 6.5 behind, and the Chicago Cubs, who trail by 11.5 games. In the dust and in last place in the Central are the Houston Astros, languishing 13.5 games behind and with the largest deficit in the Majors.

The National League East sees the Philadelphia Phillies 2 games ahead of the Atlanta Braves, while the slumping Florida Marlins have dropped to third, 5 full games behind. The New York Mets find themselves trailing by 6.5 games, and the Washington Nationals have fallen 10 games behind the Phillies.

Finally, in the National League West, the San Francisco Giants are on top, but only by a game over the Arizona Diamondbacks. Third place in the West goes to the Colorad Rockies, 4.5 behind, while at 6.5 back and deadlocked for fourth place are the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres.


Be sure to check back on Monday for a look at how the standings change after this second weekend in June.

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.