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MLB Standings Update: Will Tribe Swoon In June?

Even after losing six of their last nine games, the Indians still hold onto the best record in the Major Leagues, albeit by percentage points over the Philadelphia Phillies, as we head into the first weekend of June.

Ah, June, when many teams which have been hot in the cooler months of spring begin to wilt in the increasing heat. An increasing heat both literal, as the temperatures rise, and metaphoric, as the pressure rises to stay on top while rivals begin to draw closer (as the Tigers have drawn to within 4.5 games of the Tribe).

Here is a detailed look at the American League standings and upcoming schedules for the AL, and a thumbnail peek at the National as we move well past the one-third-of-the-season stage:

American League Central -

American League East -

American League West -

The Philadelphia Phillies lead the National League East by two games over the Florida Marlins, while the Atlanta Braves are 3.5 back. Then there is a significant drop-off to the New York Mets, eight behind, and the Washington Nationals, who find themselves nine full games back.

The National League Central is led by the St.Louis Cardinals, who have a two-game lead on the Milwaukee Brewers and a 3.5 game margin over the Cincinnati Reds. The Pittsburgh Pirates are fourth in the Central, 5.5 games behind, followed by the Chicago Cubs, eight games back, and the Houston Astros, who find themselves 9.5 back of the Cardinals.

Finally, in the National League West, the World Champion San Francisco Giants are only a half-game in front of the Arizona Diamondbacks. The slumping Colorado Rockies are 4.5 behind, with the West rounded out by the Los Angeles Dodgers in fourth place, 5.5 games in arrears, and the San Diego Padres, coming into this weekend 7.5 games in the Giants' rear-view mirror.

And there we have it, our latest look at who plays whom and what is what in the AL especially and the Major Leagues in general. Be sure to look for the next update, as the screw start tightening for some teams, and other teams begin to get into their annual contention mode.

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.