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Real Fausto Carmona's Mom Reportedly Ousted Fake Fausto Carmona

Baseball fans, and especially Indians fans, know Fausto Carmona as, well, you know, Fausto Carmona. Since his arrest for alleged identity fraud, though, we've learned the Fausto Carmona we're familiar with is really Roberto Hernandez Heredia. If you're wondering how Heredia's grand scheme was foiled, Larry Brown Sports has the rundown:

Pedro Gomez reported on Outside the Lines Friday that the real Fausto Carmona’s mother went on a popular radio show in the Dominican Republic and outed fake Fausto Carmona. The U.S. government began investigating after the radio appearance. When fake Fausto went to apply for a visa, he was arrested.

So why did real Fausto’s mother out the fake Fausto? Because of a monetary dispute.

Gomez says the Carmona family wanted a pay raise when they learned the pitcher was going to receive a salary bump. When fake Fausto balked, the mother outed him, leading to his arrest.

All for an extra two years and a cooler name?

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Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.