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Indians prospect Francisco Lindor discusses defense, power with FanGraphs

Francisco Lindor of the Cleveland Indians is a hot prospect. The team is hoping he'll be a star in the future, and he talks about his defense and power in a recent interview.

Jason Miller - Getty Images

The Cleveland Indians aren't in a good way as the season draws to a close. They kept things close in the AL Central through the first half of the season, but post-All-Star break saw multiple losing skids, and they were quickly out of the running in a division that was recently won by the Detroit Tigers. It's not all bad though, as the team has some pretty good prospects on the up-and-up, including shortstop Francisco Lindor.

Lindor was the team's first-round pick in 2011, and he recently did an interview with Fan Graphs in which he talked about his defensive abilities, which by all accounts, are off the charts.

I'm proud of that and pretty confident about my defensive game. I work hard on it and take great pride in it. I try to get better every day. I come out here and get my ground balls and double plays. It's been a big part of my game since I was little, and it will be for the rest of my career.

Defense was definitely one of the issues for the Indians this year, though Lindor still appears to be a couple of years out of playing in the big leagues. Still, if he were to come in and play shortstop for the Indians immediately, his defensive game would likely carry him to looking pretty good on game days.

The plate is where he'd have his most trouble, but he's not exactly lost in that area. Lindor has made a successful conversion to being an effective switch hitter and it will remain a point of focus going forward. He talks about his power and which side he prefers to bat from in the full interview, so be sure to check it out.

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