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Indians Vs. Reds: Cincinnati's Mat Latos Says Cleveland Stealing Signs

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Cincinnati Reds pitcher Mat Latos accused the Cleveland Indians of stealing signs, according to an article from

Latos, whose ERA rose to 5.20 after getting shelled Monday in Cleveland, was subtle -- but pretty clear -- with his accusation.

After making a vague comment about it was "ironic" that the Indians hit so well with runners on second base, he was asked to clarify. From the article:

"When you go back and look at video, a couple runners on second base, they put better swings on the ball than they did most of the time without a runner on second base.

"[Shin Soo-]Choo hit that double (fourth inning), and then (Asdrubal) Cabrera was up. Me and Hanigan changed the signs up and called for a slider. We were going with a certain call, and that certain call that we were going with beforehand was a curveball. And I threw a slider, and he was looking breaking ball and was jammed on a slider. That, to me, shows me a little something.

"But other than that, again, I was up in the zone. I made a couple of bad mistakes and they hit ‘em. That's the way baseball goes, and it is what it is."

This allegation, veiled as it may have been, will add some intrigue to a series that already has a nice extracurricular storyline. Last week, Reds manager Dusty Baker and Indians pitcher Derek Lowe got into a spat of their own. And who said interleague play wasn't fun?

Tuesday's game is scheduled for 7:05 Eastern.

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