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Roberto Hernandez Situation Progressing, According To Report

The Cleveland Indians are hopeful that right-handed pitcher Roberto Hernandez will be receiving a new visa, which would allow him to return to the United States, according to a report from's Jordan Bastian.

Hernandez was arrested in the Dominican Republic in Jan. for using the false name Fausto Carmona.


"Things are moving forward," said a person with knowledge of the situation. "It's looking a lot better right now."

The Indians have actively been trying to help bring Hernandez back to the country by petitioning the state department and hiring the services of visa expert, Stephen Payne.

With the visa issue on the up-swing, the only issue remaining is a possible suspension from the MLB. In a similar case, Miami Marlins pitcher Juan Carlos Oviedo received an eight-week suspension from the league. However, the Indians are hopeful that Hernandez won't meet the same fate.

"Our understanding at this point," Antonetti said last month, "is that, because he's restructured his contract, there won't be an additional suspension required. That could change, but that's the guidance we've been given at this point. There are just aren't any absolutes."

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