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NHL 13 Cover Vote: Ryan Johansen, RJ Umberger Representing Blue Jackets

Over the years, the NHL games from EA Sports have evolved to become one of their premium franchises ... rather, they've evolved into a very well-made game that is light on complaints and heavy on features, when it comes to the fans. As such, its popularity is growing, and as it does, other things associated with it will also gain in popularity. We've recently seen a spike in awareness of cover athletes for games like Madden NFL and the various baseball games, too.


Being the cover athlete is a big thing these days, and EA Sports has elected to bring their successful voting platform from their Madden franchise over to the NHL franchise. Users are still voting on the cover athlete for Madden NFL 13, and now they can get going on a vote for NHL 13. Like Madden, they're going to set it up to where two players from one team battle it out with each other to decide who represents said team, before trying to carve a path to cover through the others.


For the Columbus Blue Jackets, representation comes in the form of young star Ryan Johansen and RJ Umberger. As The Cannon notes, Rick Nash isn't in the discussion because he might be going elsewhere after the season.


Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.