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Work-Related Scandal Prevents 4 Buckeyes From Playing Against Nebraska

In a new twist to the troubles plaguing the Ohio State Buckeyes, an employment scandal has led to four players not being allowed to take the field this week against the Nebraska Cornhuskers, including Dan Herron and DeVier Posey., who had been scheduled to return this week.

According to OSU Director Of Athletics Gene Smith and via

"This is an employment violation. The violation involves excessive compensation regarding hours worked and hours paid. This was a rigorous investigation collaborated with the NCAA enforcement staff. The dollar amounts with each student-athlete determines the penalty that will ultimately be levied by the NCAA."

Mike Adams and Solomon Thomas will be eligible to return this week.

The problem this time in essence is that the players were paid excessive wages for summer jobs at Independence Excavating in Independence, Ohio.

Marcus Hall and Melvin Fellows join Herron and Posey in being suspended for the contest against the 'Huskers on Saturday night at 8:00 p.m.

The article alluded to on delineated the following:

  • Fellows worked 61 hours, but was paid for 82.5, resulting in $292.50 more than he should have made.

  • Hall was paid $225 over or for 15.5 hours he did not work.

  • Herron, like Fellows, received $292.50 for work he did not do.

  • Posey was paid for 48.5 hours he did not work amounting to $720. Posey also received an extra benefit valued at $102 as a result of golfing with Columbus-based photographer Dennis Talbott.
  • Etienne Sabino is also included in the suspensions, and was overpaid, allegedly, by 60 dollars.

    Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.