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2011 Big Ten Tournament Preview: Wisconsin Badgers


Wisonsin Badgers:  23-7 (13-5)  #3 seed


When March rolls around, you can typically expect the Wisconsin Badgers to still be around as well. The Badgers had a very solid season, finishing with a 23-7 record overall, a record that includes a victory against Ohio State and Purdue, two top ten teams and two teams ahead of the Badgers in the final Big Ten standings.

While Wisconsin is not a team that does anything "great" in particular, they do a lot of things well, and they are always a team that does the "little" things very well.

The Badgers are led by Jon Leuer and Jordan Taylor, two players combining for 37 of the team's 70 points per game. Leuer also leads the team in rebounding, and both players are shooting 39.5 percent and 44.8 percent from beyond the arc respectively. With Leuer in the frontcourt and Taylor in the backcourt, the Badgers have a dangerous combination.

What Wisconsin has that many teams don't have are three players who can consistently hit the three point shot, and at this time of year, that can keep you in games, and it can bring you back from a big deficit. Coming from the Big Ten, the Badgers are one of the best defensive teams in the conference. Good three point shooting and good defense are a deadly combination at this time of year.

If the Badgers can win the Big Ten conference tournament, they will likely have to go through Ohio State, who absolutely embarrassed them in the final game of the regular season in Columbus.

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.