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Ohio St. Will Reportedly Investigate Used Car Purchases By 'Dozens' Of Athletes

The hits just keep on coming for the Ohio St. athletic department. We still don't know the full extent of the punishments that will be levied against Jim  for this violations he incurred earlier this season. Now, we have information about a new potential violation that Ohio St. will investigate, and it has to do with "dozens" of athletes and their families purchasing used cars from a specific dealership, and whether or not they received improper benefits during those transactions; according to the Columbus Dispatch, via Along the Olentangy.

The investigation was initiated after The Dispatch found in public records that at least eight Ohio State athletes and 11 athletes' relatives bought used cars from Jack Maxton Chevrolet or Auto Direct during the past five years. The investigation will involve outside experts and examine at least 50 sales, focusing on whether the athletes received improper benefits.

According to Along the Olentangy, there weren't any obvious improper benefits that caused the investigation, rather how suspicious it is that so many players from the same athletic department bought cars from the same dealer.

Ohio State is specifically investigating the issue because of a certain salesman, Aaron Kniffin, who has worked at both dealerships and is responsible for many of the transactions. Ohio State has not detected any case of improper benefits, but the large number of athletes purchasing cars from the same salesman has sufficiently frightened the program.

I guess after all the issues that the department has faced so far this year, you can never be too careful. And it's always better to find that information out on your own before the NCAA has to come in and clean everything up for you. We'll have more information on these new issues as soon as more details come to light.

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.