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Allegedly, Central Figure In OSU Scandal Was Warned About In 2007

In a report today via and the Plain Dealer's Doug Lesmerises, Ohio State was warned about the activities of Columbus photographer Dennis Talbott, who is a central figure in the scandal in Buckeye Country involving alleged payments to players for autographs -- most notably to Terrelle Pryor, who recently left the OSU football program -- as far back as 2007, and that ex-coach Jim Tressel specifically received that warning first-hand.

The report claims that Tressel received an email on March 21, 2007, advising Tressel of Talbott's alleged actions. Specifically, the email from "a source" had this to say:

"He (Talbott) has sold over 50 items with underclassmen signatures before their eligibility expires and would seem to be someone that both you and the university is aware of. I have a full report of his eBay activities if you would like to explore further or require documentation."

Allegedly, Talbott paid Pryor between $20,000 and $40,000 for Pryor's signature on memorabilia.

Lesmerides had this to say in the body of his story:

"With Tressel's resignation, Pryor's decision to leave the team and the fact that Talbott is not under NCAA jurisdiction, the issue at hand isn't about a coach, a quarterback or a photographer.

The issue is whether Ohio State had reason to act when it came to Talbott's access to the team; whether his continued presence around the program led to any NCAA violations that could have been prevented; and whether those at Ohio State committed potential violations if they failed to follow up on information."

Undoubtedly, yet more revelations, accusations and declarations will be forthcoming...

Stay tuned.

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.