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Report: Terrelle Pryor has no Interest in Canadian Football League; Focused on NFL

According to Terrelle Pryor’s attorney Larry James, the former star quarterback at Ohio State is not interested in playing in the CFL, where the Saskatchewan Roughridgers own his negotiating rights:

“They sent the package last night, I forwarded it to Terrelle and Terrelle said that he wasn’t interested today,” James said.

“He did not go into discussion. He just said he’s not interested in the Canadian Football League. Obviously the offer was not sufficient to whet his taste buds.”

So, it appears that for now, Pryor will pursue his opportunity to play in the National Football League, where he will have to enter the supplemental draft. Pryor’s attorney says that they expect to receive a letter from Ohio State declaring that Pryor would have been ineligible, providing him with ammunition to be eligible for the supplemental draft process.

Experts right now believe Pryor is roughly a fourth round value for the supplemental draft, and many believe he has minimal tools to play quarterback in the NFL, which I emphatically disagree with. I think Pryor’s home state teams should take a long, hard look at him when the supplemental draft rolls around, meaning the Eagles or Steelers. Playing in a stable organization with head coaching stability and stability at the quarterback position is a smart business move for the NFL team and a good move for Pryor’s career.

What this kid needs is a good mentor, someone who has been in the negative spotlight (Mike Vick or Ben Roethlisberger?) and has seemingly turned it around. Mike Vick Especially would be a good role model for Pryor, because they have a similar style of play (though Pryor has elite size) and Vick knows what it is like to go from the BMoC (Big Man on Campus) to spending more than a year behind bars. He’s experienced the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows, and I’m sure Vick knows on some level what Pryor is going through.

Plus, with the Eagles potentially trading Kevin Kolb this offseason, it would be a wise move to go out and get someone who could eventually replace Michael Vick.

Obviously this is all speculation, but the news here is that Pryor will not pursue the CFL, and has his sights set on the NFL.

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.