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Postgame Links To Check Out After Ohio State's 42-0 Win Over Akron

There are, as you know if you are a Buckeyes fan, a myriad of resources to read for all things Ohio State.

In the wake of Ohio State's 42-0 win on Saturday over the Akron Zips, here are a few good "reads" for you, Buckeye fan:

Buckeye Grove on Rivals,com has all the postgame info with "Beyond the Final Whistle". This feature is available by prescription, but a free trial is available for those who would like to check it out;

Along the Olentangy is an SB Nation site that is OSU-centric and fan-driven. Don't expect any love for the Maize and Blue here!;

Check out the game recap on Yahoo! Sports.

Man, on opening day of a new football season, I wish that I were back in Ohio to share in the excitement. I may not be the world's biggest college football fan, but there is no question that the euphoria of Football Saturday is palpable.

(By the way, my only problem with college ball started over a generation ago, when I pulled like crazy for Archie Griffin when he played for the Buckeyes -- and then had to see him running all over the Browns when he was with the Bengals. It became hard for me to invest too much in players who might come back and haunt my favorite pro team. Sometimes saying that makes me feel a bit silly, but those are my reasons, and it is what it is.)

With that being said: Go Buckeyes!

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.