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NCAA Basketball: Ohio Currently A State Of Conference Leaders

Ohio State, Akron and Cleveland State are all leading their conferences at the same time in NCAA.

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The state of Ohio isn't normally one known for its mettle when it comes to college basketball. Other than Ohio State doing moderately well every couple of years, it's never particularly been a powerhouse SEC style state. This year it's looking like it might just be the year of the Ohioan team in the college basketball ranks.

Ohio State is of course doing well as they usually seem to have done in the past couple of years. They're ranked third in the Associated Press poll and have a hold on the top spot in the Big 10 conference with a 7-1 record. Their only dropped Big 10 game was to a surging and talented Indiana team on the road, and Ohio State got their revenge quickly the next time those two teams met. The Buckeye's most recent game featured them almost doubling the score on the poor Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Akron are doing quite well for themselves as well, with a lead in the Eastern MAC. Sure, they lost to a chunk of non-conference teams early in the season but since then the Zips have done all that they've needed to do. With no ranked teams left in their path and a talented enough squad it might be time for Akron's fourth NCAA Tournament appearance and their second in two years. The Ohio Bobcats aren't too far behind either, at 3-2 in MAC play with only Akron ahead of them keeping the Bobcats from being a conference leader themselves.

Cleveland State's story might be the best, needing to come from behind and destroy the Milwaukee Panthers in order to get as far as they have in the league so far. Their 83-57 victory over the formerly league-leading Panthers was their first gasp at the top of the conference, but with by far the best overall record in the Horizon conference it won't be a surprise to see them stay entrenched at the top as long as they can be. They do have another Milwaukee game coming up, so that's going to be another 'must watch' one for the Vikings.

If Ohio could just petition to move the Ohio Bobcats to the West of the MAC, it would be very possible for all the major teams in the area to be conference leaders in NCAA. When's the last time there were that many Ohioan teams in the tournament? Well, it's likely been a while.

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.