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Big Ten expansion: Ohio State's Gene Smith praises addition of Maryland

Ohio State's athletic director is excited about the Big Ten Conference's addition of Maryland.

Jamie Sabau

The recent Big Ten Conference expansion plans to add The University of Maryland and Rutgers University is expected to help the league bring in more television money and help strengthen the recruiting bases in the Northeast -- all things the Ohio State Buckeyes will take advantage of.

On Monday, Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith spoke to Doug Lesmerises of The Plain Dealer, and praised the Big Ten's bold moves, saying he believes Maryland, which announced its departure from the Atlantic Coast Conference to the Big Ten Monday, is a great addition.

"When we talked about Maryland, we looked at the big picture, we didn't isolate ourselves to our own locale. What's good for this conference? How can we move this conference forward?

"I think for Ohio State, it strengthens the conference and it strengthens the whole and it makes us better and it rises all ships."

"You can't skirt the fact that financially it assists us," Smith said.

By Tuesday evening, it's expected the Rutgers Scarlet Knights will officially announced their decision to leave the Big East Conference for the Big Ten and the league's expansion plans will be finalized -- for now.

It 's expected Maryland will join the Big Ten on July, 1, 2014, while it's still unclear if and when Rutgers will join, as the league has a $10 million buyout fee and a three-year waiting period. Both clauses are expected to be negotiated by Rutgers and the Big East.

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