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Penn State Handed Harsh Punishment, Will Meet Ohio State For First Time Under Penalties In October

Penn State was handed a harsh assortment of penalties on Monday, and they will meet the also-sanctioned Ohio State Buckeyes for the first time under the penalties on October 26.


The penalties were finally handed down to the Penn State Nittany Lions by NCAA president Mark Emmert on Monday, and they were about as harsh as they could possibly get without just hitting PSU with the death penalty.

Penn State's veritable laundry list of punishments includes vacating 13 years worth of wins from Joe Paterno's era with the team, stealing away almost a full roster's worth of scholarships for half a decade and allowing players to transfer away with no penalty immediately. It's a doozy of a list, and one that will likely send Penn State crumbling down in the Big Ten for years to come.

Especially worrying for Penn State is the player transfer part of it, which will allow other teams to swoop in and steal the best players from the Nittany Lions without giving them much of an ability to re-recruit.

For the full list of punishments given by the NCAA, check here.

It will be a little while into next season before the Ohio State Buckeyes meet the now crippled Nittany Lions. The two teams will meet in Columbus on October 26 for their 2013 match. It's unknown if the Buckeyes, facing sanctions of their own, will be able to take any PSU players off of their scholarships. The answer is likely no.

The Big Ten Conference itself may still have a chance to put more sanctions on Penn State, though there's really not much else that they can do that the NCAA didn't already slap onto them.

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